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What You Need to Know About Napa Valley Harvest Season

August 30th, 2017 Travel Tips
What You Need to Know About Napa Valley Harvest Season

The Napa Valley harvest season is one of the most magical times of the year to visit Wine Country. Every year from August through October, winemakers and workers race against nature to pick their grapes at the peak of ripeness. They must get them into the fermenter at just the right time to start making wine. As the season goes on, the grapes will have begun happily fermenting in their tanks giving the entire valley the aroma of new wine. A special energy is created from the buzz of newcomers and busy vineyard workers. This is one of the peak seasons to travel to Napa Valley because there is so much to do! Just make sure you take the time to pause and smell the sweet scent of fermentation in the air.

The unique spirit of the Napa Valley harvest season will especially be prevalent at the Wine Country Inn & Cottages because our property is surrounded by beautiful fields filled with ripening grapes. This is also a prime time to visit some of our winery partners to see the harvest in action!

Napa Valley Harvest Season Stages

The Napa Valley harvest season lasts for about 3 months. During this time, there are different stages of grape picking. The start of the “crush” begins with the grapes used to produce sparkling wines. White wine grapes are picked directly after. The harvest continues throughout October and potentially even into early November for red varieties. The grapes used to make red wine usually take a bit longer to mature, particularly the Cabernet Sauvignon. The last of the grapes can be harvested into December. This fruit is left on the vine longer than usual to form more highly concentrated sugars and produces late-harvest wines. At the conclusion of the Napa Valley harvest season, winemakers can finally take a moment to relax and admire the crop they have produced.

Wineries During Napa Valley Harvest Season

Wine Tasting During Napa Valley Harvest Season

The Napa Valley harvest season is an optimal time for visitors to tour wineries because there is an opportunity to see workers harvesting the grapes as well as crushing them into wine. The vineyards and wineries can be busy at this time, so making a tasting and tour reservation is recommended. If you would like, the Wine Country Inn & Cottages can plan your experience for you. Just let our guest service staff know that you would like to customize your stay during booking and we can arrange your adventure and transportation!

Napa Valley Harvest Parties

The Napa Valley harvest season is a time to celebrate! Winemakers have worked all year to produce the harvest and are continuing to work around the clock to finish picking their grapes. Some wineries hold events to honor this special time, including some of our winery partners. Markham Vineyards will host its annual Winemaker Harvest Dinner where guests get to sample wine straight out of the barrel. Brasswood will hold a celebration filled with music, food, special guest appearances, and some of their finest library wines. Castello di Amorosa offers dinner, tours, winemaking demonstrations, and even lets you stomp on the grapes!

Dining During Napa Valley Harvest Season

Not only is it the time of year for grape harvesting, it is also the season of the fall agricultural harvest. Napa Valley’s thriving culinary scene is run by some of the top chefs from around the world. Many use local produce and ingredients to create dishes you can’t find anywhere else. During the autumn harvest, new ingredients become available for the fall menu. You’ll find decadent seasonal fruits and vegetables like heirloom tomatoes, butternut squash, figs, and pumpkin. The harvest is an extremely popular time to visit Wine Country, so we recommend you make reservations for any Napa Valley restaurants you would like to visit.

Stay at Wine Country Inn & Cottages

Spend your time during the enchanting Napa Valley harvest season the best way possible when you stay at the Wine Country Inn & Cottages . Guests of our luxurious boutique hotel enjoy some of the finest accommodations in Napa Valley. Surrounded by rolling hills and postcard-worthy views, guests will enjoy the spirit of the harvest even when they are not visiting vineyards and wineries. Book your Wine Country getaway today!