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3 of the Best Places to See in Northern California

August 31st, 2017 Travel Tips
3 of the Best Places to See in Northern California

Northern California stretches from the Monterey Bay north to Oregon. The northern half of the state offers a multitude of places to visit. Whether it’s a food or wine experience you’re after or if you simply want to see the natural beauty this part of the world has to offer, Northern California has it all. Here are our top 3 places to see in Northern California.

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Napa Valley

A visit to Napa Valley and the Wine Country is at the top of our list of places to see in Northern California for good reason. The first settlers in the area were farmers and quickly learned that the soil was ripe for growing grapes. The seeds those farmers planted centuries ago grew into a gigantic industry that attracts tourists and wine lovers to the area time and time again. Hundreds of wineries are located throughout Napa Valley, giving you the opportunity to make return trips to the region to visit them all. In addition to visiting the wineries, Napa Valley also offers wonderful shopping, arts and culture, dining and more. For a list of 5 Things to Do in Napa Valley, check out the blog on our website.

Redwood National Park

Photo Credit: ilya_ktsn / Redwood National and State Parks / Flickr

A trip to the Redwood National Park is more than just a day trip, but totally worth it nonetheless. The chance to see the amazing Redwoods is something you and your traveling partner will not soon forget. Located along U.S. 101 between Crescent City and Orick, Calif., the park is about a four-hour drive from The Wine Country Inn & Cottages.

When people were heading west to California in the 1800s, they discovered gold and redwoods. These massive trees were cut down and sold as lumber and over the next 100 years, the number of redwoods was reduced to just a fraction of what originally stood. In the 1920s, three state parks were formed to help protect the redwoods. Congress took it a step further in 1968 when it created the Redwood National Forest, which is jointly managed by the California Department of Parks and Recreation and the National Park Service.

What you’ll see: In addition to the redwood trees, which are the tallest trees in the world (the largest are the sequoia), you’ll also see wildlife, including the Roosevelt Elk. Take a scenic drive, a short walk or a long hike. No matter your skill level, you’ll enjoy a trek into the unforgettable Redwood National Forest. Visit the website for info on the wildlife that lives there, as well as all of the things you can do in the park. You can also download the park brochure.

San Francisco

San Francisco is about 60 miles from St. Helena, making it an easy day trip from The Wine Country Inn & Cottages. When you’re there, be sure to visit the Golden Gate Bridge, which is actually named for the body of water it spans – the Golden Gate Straight. Your options for experiencing the iconic bridge include driving over it, walking over it biking over it or simply sitting on one side of the bridge or the other and taking it all in. A trip to San Francisco is not complete without a visit to the trendy Fisherman’s Wharf. Here, you can eat, shop, or go on a sightseeing tour on land or on the water.

Planning Your Trip to Northern California

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Photo Credit: ilya_ktsn / Redwood National and State Parks / Flickr