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Everything You Need to Know About St. Helena Olive Oil Co.

August 31st, 2017 Travel Tips
Everything You Need to Know About St. Helena Olive Oil Co.

Napa Valley is filled with rolling hills and beautiful vineyards as well as some of the top restaurants and wineries in the world. Among the gorgeous scenery and premier culinary culture, you will also discover some truly unique establishments. St. Helena Olive Oil Co. is one of these! St. Helena Olive Oil Co. is the premier place for a Napa Valley olive oil tasting. Experience some delicious extra virgin olive oil, red wine vinegar, and more unique flavors during your visit.

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The Firsts of St. Helena Olive Oil Co.

Established in 1994, St. Helena Olive Oil Co. was the first in the United States to open the olive oil tasting room concept. It also offered the first production of orchard designated Napa Valley Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the oldest Napa Valley red wine vinegar, and production of the first true American sparkling wine vinegar. Facing challenges head-on, St. Helena Olive Oil Co. has persevered and created a unique brand and concept that continues to thrive in Napa Valley.

Olive Oil Tasting

An olive oil tasting in St. Helena is much like a wine tasting but with different ingredients. At St. Helena Olive Oil Co., you will learn about the art of making olive oil before you experience the result firsthand. Located in a historic building on Main St., enjoy a bar-height counter where you can taste locally made olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and more. As you taste different flavors, learn which olive oils are best for different occasions. From cooking oils to salad dressings to bread dipping, olive oil is an eclectic ingredient!

St. Helena Olive Oil Co. Products

During a St. Helena Olive Oil Company tour and tasting, you will discover a variety of olive oil products. Extra virgin olive oil tops the list, while balsamic and red wine vinegar are second favorites. There are even sherry wine, pinot noir, and dirty martini vinegars and olive juices available. Flavored olive oil includes some fresh garden herbs and fruits, such as basil, garlic, rosemary, lemon, orange, lime, and jalapeno. St. Helena Olive Oil Co. also sells organic grey salt, pink Himalayan salt, and smoked Alderwood sea salt. Rubs and seasonings include organic Italian herbs and a dipping oil herb blend. These all make great gifts as well as wonderful presents to yourself to bring back home to your kitchen!

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