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Enjoy a Day of Fun at the Sonoma Hot Air Balloon Festival

August 31st, 2017 Arts & Culture
Enjoy a Day of Fun at the Sonoma Hot Air Balloon Festival

It will be worth it to wake up early for the annual Sonoma Hot Air Balloon Festival in June! This awe-inspiring event features a two-day launch of hot air balloons into the skies above California Wine Country. These glowing balloons launch in the dark, creating starlike entities in the sky as they fly up, up, and away! Watch from the ground as this magnificent display lifts off and floats high above. After the main launch just after dawn, you can enjoy food and craft booths through the morning to celebrate this beautiful moment. Discover more about the Sonoma Hot Air Balloon Festival!

After attending the Sonoma Hot Air Balloon Festival, experience your own flight above Wine Country when you book our Up Up and Away Package! You will soar high above rolling vineyards and enjoy stunning mountain vistas when you embark on one of these exciting Napa hot air balloon rides!

What to Expect at the Sonoma Hot Air Balloon Festival

This weekend event will involve over 60 hot air balloons soaring in the bright blue skies above Wine Country. The dawn patrol will ready the glow-in-the-dark balloons to launch in the dark, whereas the main launches will occur at 6:30am each morning. During this magnificent event, you can enjoy tethered hot air balloon rides as well as food and craft booths until 10:30am. All the festivities will take place at Windsor’s 27-acre Keiser Park. Check the updated Sonoma Hot Air Balloon Festival schedule for more details! Be sure to bring a blanket or chairs to sit on during the event.

From Wacky to Glorious: The Hot Air Balloons of the Festival

The best part about the Sonoma Hot Air Balloon Festival is the creativity behind the balloons! While some are fantastic displays of rainbow magic, others are themed. Previous balloons have included Tweety Bird and Sylvester and Yoda and Darth Vader! Be sure to bring your camera to capture some incredible images of these balloons as they take flight and soar above. However, drones are not currently allowed, as they could interfere with the balloons. Though you can’t fly away on one of these hot air balloons, you can enjoy a tethered ride to get a little taste of the magic.

Soar Above Napa Valley With Our Up Up and Away Package

Want your own chance to take flight above Wine Country? The Up Up and Away Package at The Wine Country Inn & Cottages allows you to experience a hot air balloon ride firsthand. From treetops to magnificent panoramic views, enjoy a spectacular morning soaring above Napa Valley. When you book this package, you will enjoy an approximately one-hour hot air balloon ride. It will be followed by a scrumptious post-flight champagne brunch at the Domaine Chandon Winery. Be sure to arrive a few minutes early for complimentary pre-flight coffee, tea, and pastries. This amazing package also includes pickup and drop off at The Wine Country Inn & Cottages. You will also receive complimentary in-flight photos so you can frame your memorable experience!