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Wine Country Inn Saint Helena, California
Wine Country Inn Saint Helena, California
Wine Country Inn Saint Helena, California
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Wine Country Inn and Cottages Journal

Adventures In Napa Valley, California

Aerial Tour of Wine Country Inn

Wine Country Inn is located just two miles north of Saint Helena and is situated in the middle of beautiful vineyards and old oak trees. It is the combination of the inn’s amazing location and it’s many pathways and gardens that create an ambiance of peace and solitude. Perhaps words can’t describe the inn, so we simply took a drone and toured the property from about 400 feet. For a minute rise up above the valley floor and look north toward Mount Saint Helena and the town of Calistoga. Below are miles of vineyards and the Napa River as it winds to its source on the slopes of the mountain. As you descend back to the lush gardens of the inn take a minute and envision yourself sitting under the oaks on the outdoor sofa.

5 of the Best Mineral Hot Springs in the Napa Valley

Couple Enjoying A Mineral Spa Together

Steeped in thousands of years of tradition, soaking in mineral hot springs is believed to promote a world of good-feeling benefits. From increasing blood flow and metabolism, to the folkloric advantages of treating diabetes and liver ailments, mineral hot springs are believed to be a fountain of youth for anyone who steps in its waters.

Best Scenic Drives in Napa Valley

Napa Valley Scenic Drives

With so much natural beauty, it’s no surprise Napa Valley welcomes nearly 3 million visitors each year. Hit the road for an easy, inexpensive way to see the picture-perfect vistas of Napa Valley, all from your car window. Take in the fresh valley air and incredible panoramic views of rolling hills and endless vineyards along these scenic byways. Here are Napa Valley’s best scenic drives.

5 of the Best St. Helena Hiking Trails

The View from Mount Saint Helena in Napa Valley

Napa Valley’s dry Mediterranean climate makes it a wonderful place to visit and enjoy outdoor activities year-round. Hiking is a favorite activity for many of our visitors and St. Helena and surrounding areas do not disappoint. You can pack a picnic can hike to the top of Mount St. Helena for a picture perfect view of the valley, or spend just an hour or so stretching your legs on a beautiful tree-lined trail before engaging in other Wine Country activities. Here is a look at a few of the best St. Helena hiking trails as well as a few additional trails within a short driving distance of Wine Country Inn.