Touring Wine Country

Napa Valley Wine Country

The Wine Country Inn is the ideal centralized location for your Napa Valley touring and dining.

With 50 world-class wineries and 15 amazing restaurants within 5 miles of The Wine Country Inn can help you plan the perfect wine tasting and dining experience.

Whether you want to “leave the driving to us” via our Wine Country Inn-Cursion tour program or venture out on your own (with help and maps from our Front Desk Staff), you’ll find all that you want to find…and more.

If you are the type that likes to do all your own research (and you actually have the time to do it) here are some helpful links for you planning.

Napa Valley Vintners Association
Napa Valley Destination Council
St. Helena Chamber of Commerce
Eclectic Tour
The Culinary Institute of America

Touring Wine Country

winery-collage-smudged-flat.jpg.441x441_defaultThe Wine Country Inn has an ideal Napa Valley location, with more than 50 wineries within a five-mile radius. Whether you are looking for big “names” (such as Beringer, Sterling, etc.) or small, off-the-beaten path wineries, we can help you plan your wine tasting and winery visiting days.

And here’s a little secret—while the vast majority of Napa Valley wineries charge tasting fees, many of our winery neighbors have given us special free tasting passes available only to The Wine Country Inn guests. So even if you know exactly where you want to go, please be sure to check with our Front Desk first, as we might be able to save you some serious cash.

Our Front Desk Staff also will be happy to share their favorites, as well as point out wineries with “something more”—such as an art collection, great picnic spots, a unique or historic building, and more.

Below is a list of one-of-a-kind wine regions within an easy drive (or some within a strenuous bike ride) from The Wine Country Inn. Each has its own distinct pleasures but you wouldn’t want to just venture off to visit some of them without guidance. This is Wine Country, where agriculture is king, but gas or a bathroom or a sandwich might be many miles away. But if you love discovery or want some great stories for when you return home a trip to the outback (Napa County style) could be just what you need. We know tons of spots for a secluded picnic or a lakeside photo opportunity where the only other person in the picture might be a fisherman half a mile away.

  • Conn Valley
  • Pope Valley
  • Chiles Valley
  • Knights Valley
  • Alexander Valley
  • Dry Creek Valley
  • Sonoma Valley
  • Russian River Valley

Napa Valley can be crowded certain times of the year. Moving at a slower pace might be just what you need. Ask and you shall receive.

Wine Country Hiking Tours

California’s Majestic Redwoods Await

armstrong.jpg.441x331_defaultThe California Redwood trees are famous and well worth a visit. These magnificent trees grow throughout Northern California in mountainous pockets of fairyland beauty. On your way north from San Francisco probably the most famous stand of Redwoods is just off the Hwy 101 freeway near Sausalito. It would be simple to include this wonderful sight if you are coming from San Francisco.

Another stand of spectacular Redwoods is wthin an hour’s drive of The Wine Country Inn, through the Sonoma Wine Country. This is known as Armstrong Woods, one of the most spectacular groves of redwoods anywhere. Many guests make a special trip to spend a few hours in the majesty of these heritage trees. Certainly along the way and on your way back to The Wine Country Inn there are plenty of wineries to wet your whistle. Ask the front desk staff for a map once you are here.

The Pacific Ocean beckons…

pacific-coast-highway.jpg.441x331_defaultNorthern California has some of the most beautiful and rugged coastline in the world. Due west of The Wine Country Inn, approximately 75-90 minutes by car you are rewarded by stunning views of cliffed coastline, white sand beaches and thunderous surf. Though the water is quite cold and very few venture into the water this also keeps mad crowds away on most days, even in the summer. But bring a jacket! Many times there can be as much as a 50 degree difference in the temperature from St. Helena to Bodega Bay (where to Alfred Hitchcock thriller The Birds was filmed).

Fort Ross, the southern most incursion of Russian fur traders on the North American continent is just up the coast another 45 or so minutes. Along some of the most scenic coastline in the world. This is pretty much an all-day trip if you round it out with a few Sonoma County wineries.