Our Afternoon Wine Social: Always a Guest Favorite

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We know folks get thirsty during their stay here at The Wine Country Inn! And why did you come to the Napa Valley if you didn’t at least want to TRY a few world-class wines.

With this in mind, every day from 4:30 – 6:00 p.m. we offer a complimentary “wine social.” Here you can taste wines from a visiting winery, and also nibble on appetizers prepared by our chef or the Innkeeper. This is a wonderful time to relax and sample many of the delicacies from our eatable gardens and socialize with the Innkeepers and other guests. Talk almost always migrates to “What’s for dinner? Where should we eat?” Lively discussions with both the staff and the guests often ensue on the merits of the local eateries, informed choices are made and reservations secured, all while sipping local wines poured from someone from the winery and munching on Wine Country Inn delicacies. Of course, if you would prefer some quiet time at one of our small tables or on the deck overlooking the Napa Valley, the choice is yours.