Festival del Sole

Enjoy 10 Exciting Days at the Popular Festival del Sole

Now in its 11th year, Festival del Sole has long been an event that attracted those who love the arts and the chance to experience various genres against the backdrop of the magnificent Napa Valley. Perhaps to better capture the essence of the festival – and its wide reach across the valley – the event […]

Mount St. Helena Golf Course

Are You Up for the Challenge of the Mount St. Helena Golf Course?

Whether you’re a novice or an expert at golf, you’ll enjoy playing a few holes at the Mount St. Helena Golf Course during your stay in Napa Valley. Located in Calistoga, CA, just 8 miles from the Wine Country Inn in the town of St. Helena, this 9-hole course was designed to appeal to golfers […]

Best Napa Valley Wine Tours

10 of the Best Napa Valley Wine Tours

As you map out your trip to the beautiful Napa Valley, you’ll want to do a little research beforehand to get an idea of the wineries you can visit (there are more than 400!). If you’re like us and get a little giddy during the planning stages of a trip, scrolling through the websites of […]

Wine Country Inn

The Wine Country Inn Has New Owners!

The 29-room Wine Country Inn in St. Helena, California, has been sold by its founding ownership, including 40-year innkeeper Jim Smith, to Not A Bad View Here LLC.  The hotel was built in 1975 by Jim Smith’s father, Ned, and the Inn has become a Napa Valley hospitality fixture since that time.   The Managing […]

San Francisco to St. Helena

4 of the Best Attractions from San Francisco to St. Helena

If you plan on making a drive from San Francisco to St. Helena for a sojourn into the Wine Country, be sure that you do not (repeat do not) take the fastest route. While you may be tempted to make a beeline to your destination, there are several incredible things to see along the way. […]

Model Bakery St. Helena

Don’t Miss Out on the Food at The Model Bakery in St. Helena

Just down the road from the Wine Country Inn and convenient to some of the local vineyards, you will find a St. Helena institution:  The Model Bakery.  Located in downtown St. Helena, just 2 miles from your inn, you will find the source of many of the breads served in local restaurants and the stuff […]

Napa Valley Balloon Rides

Napa Valley Balloon Rides Offer Breathtaking Views

There are several incredible ways to experience the beauty of Napa Valley. Some of our favorites include a self-guided leisurely drive, an excursion aboard the Napa Valley Wine Train and Napa Valley balloon rides. Each option allows you to take in the incredible view, but Napa Valley hot air balloon rides, taken in the early […]

Best St. Helena Hiking

5 of the Best St. Helena Hiking Trails

Napa Valley’s dry Mediterranean climate makes it a wonderful place to visit and enjoy outdoor activities year-round. Hiking is a favorite activity for many of our visitors and St. Helena and surrounding areas do not disappoint. You can pack a picnic can hike to the top of Mount St. Helena for a picture perfect view […]

Best Napa Valley Wineries

An Insider’s Guide to the Best Napa Valley Wineries

How do you choose a bottle of wine? Is it on a recommendation? Is it because the bottle is pretty? Is it based on your desire to learn more and broaden your palate? No matter how you choose a bottle of wine to enjoy with a meal or with friends on your back porch, know […]

shops in St. Helena, CA

5 of the Most Popular shops in St. Helena, CA

  When you think of shopping in Napa Valley, the first thing that pops into your mind is probably a wine shop. Certainly, a region filled with hundreds of wineries would have plenty of shops in which to buy a special bottle to take home with you, but there is much more to the shopping […]

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